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The dream is never too big.

This homestead started out as a dream for us. For our children. For self-sufficiency and self-sustainability. And with the support of our community, our 1.16 acre is growing to sustain us, as well as return that sustenance back to our community. Pull up a chair, we'd love to have you along to learn and grow with us!



In October 2022, we closed on the first property we've ever owned. We've always done things a little out of order, but we end up discovering that divine timing is always better than what we've had planned. We knew what we wanted, we knew our budget, and we stuck to those parameters. And finally it happened, and then it all happened so quickly. Before we knew it, we were closing on a 1.16 acre property in Ramona, CA. With our jobs and the kid's school near the coast, it didn't make a whole lot of sense logistically, but on paper, the property checked off every single item on our list. We had to go for it! We were on our way to living the dream.

We started by building a chicken coop with what we had on hand - an old garden bed, a loft bed and some plywood. Then we added egg-laying chickens and turkeys. Followed by a Great Pyrenees puppy. And then New Zealand meat rabbits. We're now in the process of hatching American Bresse - a sustainable heritage meat chicken, and our specialty pet bunny rabbitry is thriving. We have so many ideas and dreams for this humble one acre... Permaculture, sustainability, community, education. The wheels are in constant motion, and piece by piece, we are continuing to learn and grow right along with our homestead.



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